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Family and Divorce Advanced Mediation Apprenticeship Program

Mediation Works offers an intensive family and divorce mediation apprenticeship for attorneys and recent law school graduates (or JD candidates).

The apprenticeship provides over 20 hours of practical experience:

  • 10 hours, minimum, of observation and /or co-mediation with real clients
  • Classroom instruction, reviewing the Mediation Works approach and the legal framework of child and spousal support, equitable distribution, the psychological impact of divorce, financial issues and non-traditional families
  • Individualized mentoring and debriefing
  • Supervised drafting of legal agreements and court documents
  • An opportunity to attend lectures and panel discussions by experts in the field

Apprentices enjoy a flexible training schedule, with the ability to customize their hours around work, family and client availability.

Upon completion of the program, apprentices may pursue ongoing mentoring and consulting with Jessica Rothberg for their own business, or the opportunity to become a Mediation Works Staff Mediator.

How to Apply

If you are interested in learning more about the family and divorce mediation Apprenticeship with Mediation Works, complete an application or contact us with questions.

“My apprenticeship at Mediation Works provided an invaluable learning experience. After many mediation trainings, I still did not have the confidence to hang a shingle. Working with Jessica and Kate, I saw first-hand how a mediation practice operates – from the first phone call to the filing of the divorce papers. The learning modules were helpful, but the opportunity to sit in, and then co-mediate cases, was indispensable and hard to find. Jessica and Kate are intelligent and compassionate mediators and mentors, and I’m proud to call them colleagues and friends.”

– Jo Brody, Esq.Brody Law & Mediation, NYC and Westchester

Consultation & Supervision  

Jessica Rothberg has a demonstrated passion for teaching and holds professional responsibility in high regard.  Her decades of experience building and managing a successful private mediation practice and mentoring students make her perfectly suited to be an effective mediation consultant. 

If you’re a new mediator to the field and need guidance about your casework or other areas of your business, Jessica is available on an hourly basis to discuss sticky issues, proof agreements and other paperwork, and consult about best business practices.